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Donation Requests

Donation Requests Policy: 
Due to the several requests we receive on a daily basis we have to set a few ground rules. 

First, we focus on supporting the charities our regular customers are involved in; community is supporting those who support you, this is true in business as well. Additionally, we also only donate to non-profits that operate and support within Chautauqua County. 

Second, requests must be made in writing with specifics on the event, what it is supporting, who (our customers) is involved and what you are requesting. Whether we donate or not, valid non-profit will receive a discount for wines purchased for an event. 

Third, because we are small business, we must take the financial opportunity of tax credits; this means you must provide a valid 401C Non-Profit ID. This is the only way many cash strapped small businesses can afford to make donations. 

Finally, we hope you will understand that as a small business we simply can not afford to support every non-profit event. Thank you for seeking us out and we will review every request and will contact those we feel best fits our criteria.