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Summer Wines: Rose, Blush & Pink Wine

Rose wine, also called Blush wine or Pink wine is a light wine that varies in flavor. It can range from dry to semi-sweet and sweet but is almost always the perfect summer time wine. It should always be served very chilled and usually pairs well with most food due to its lower alcohol content. Although this summer wine typically complements lighter dishes best.

If the wine is specifically labeled a “blush wine” that usually indicates it was created in North America; although sometimes it might be from Australia or Italy. Usually an explicitly labeled blush wine will more often than not have a sweeter taste. All Pink wine is labeled a Rose in Europe and France is one of the country’s known for the best rose wine, especially from the Provence region. You can count on a French Rose wine to taste very light and refreshing with a low tannic level. It should also be noted that a Rose wine or Pink wine doesn’t actually have to be pink. It can vary from light orange to deep purple so don’t judge a Blush wine on color alone. It can be the best Rose wine even though it doesn’t look like the traditional pink colored wine.

Best Rose Wine Online

Bag and String Wine has worked hard to provide you a list of only the best Rose wines available. Our owner, Samuel Whitmore has meticulously chosen each of the pink wines listed for their high quality and flavor. We hope you enjoy our collection of summer wines. And please let us know if you need any help with Rose wine pairings or selecting the best Rose wine for you by calling us at – 716-763-4000.