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Wine Tastings
Wine Tastings

Taste new wines from 4-7 PM Every Thursday & Friday

Visit Our Location Located in the Historic district of Lakewood, NY, just a few blocks from Chautauqua Lake, Bag & String Wine Merchants is easy to find. We are at the corner of Chautauqua Ave and Third, one block past the Clock tower. The link above will take you Google Maps. Come shop fine wines during our hours of operation: Monday through Wednesday 9 am to 7 pm, Thursday through Saturday 9am to 8pm, and Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm.

About Bag and String Wine Merchants Bag & String Wine Merchants is a boutique rare wine and liquor store with an emphasis on value and unique wines from around the globe. Our primary goals are to provide unparalleled service, wine education and a selection that meets consumers' needs and budget. Bag & String Wine Merchants - Purveyors of fine wine and spirits.

Wine Club Notes
Our previous Wine Club notes, including pairing suggestions and delicious recipes can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the link above.

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Wine Online
Shop for wine and spirits online at Bag & String Wine Merchants, purveyors of fine wine and spirits. With an established history in several areas of the wine business and wine consulting, owner Samuel Whitmore brings knowledge and expertise when selecting the fine wines to retail online.

Enjoy the depth and variety of the wine selection and spirits featured on Bag & String Wine Merchants online. Whether you seek a rare wine bottle, an aged and vintage wine or simply a top-rated wine (link to Best Buys), browse our easily navigable site to fine the perfect bottle for you! You can choose to shop wine by color, by country of the wine, variety, price, rating or age!

If you have questions about particular wine specs, or want more advice on choosing the right wine bottle, give us a call at 716-763-4000 and we'd be happy to help!